Current venues

Venues & Groups

We meet every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Details of the various venues can be found within the 'where we meet' section.

Our Wednesday venue changes every 6 weeks or so to allow us to provide different routes both on and off road.

Our Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night meets are training sessions organised by the club coaches. Monday and Thursday are usually at the Prince of Wales Track whilst Tuesday is hill reps. Further details are available from the links to the left of this description. Please email the club at if you have any questions.

We provide several groups of differing speeds and distances on a Wednesday night, varying from 11 minute miling (4 miles in distance) to 7 minute miling (5-7 miles in distance).

Thursday morning is an opportunity for a social run in one group, with regular regroups to make sure that despite varying paces, the group stays together as much as possible. We start at at 9:30am and vary the 5 mile route every few weeks.