Current venues

Monday 24th January 2022- Track Session - at Prince of Wales - 7pm - £3 please!

James will be leading the track session. Bring £3 for a cheap and enjoyable evening out!

7pm start  at POW stadium. Please remember to bring £3 to pay for the use of the Track. Also, Please bring water as it's likely to be a warm session (whatever the weather!)

Please continue to take personal responsibility to look after the health of your fellow runners and stay away from club sessions if you have COVID symptoms. In addition, please consider the current health of your close contacts when deciding whether you should attend any sessions.


(The £3 is paid to the Leisure Centre for use of the track - The training [and administration to make it happen] is provided free by volunteers.)

NB Although the "Give it a Go!" PoW track session has already occured, the Video Link recorded for that event applies to every session.

Unfortunately EA advice prevents us from allowing u18s at any of our formal sessions.