Fire Service College 10K

Date: Apr 29, 2012 10:30:00

In conditions that can only be described as "Biblical", the third Fire Service College 10k at Moreton-in-Marsh FSC was run on Sunday, 29 April. 

Well, I say "run" - in the parts of the course where the wind was behind, anyone fortunate enough to be wearing loose clothing gained assistance equivalent to at least two minutes per mile. 

The other side of the coin is that when the course (which follows two twisty, turny laps of this disused airfield now repurposed as a safe place to set all manner of things on fire) turned into the wind, it became difficult to make any forward progress at all. 

Within a mile my hands were two blocks of sodden ice (despite remembering gloves) and at the end I've never been so happy to see a cup of institutional coffee. 

It could be a very fast course as it's almost completely flat, but being in the open means that unless it's also dead calm you're in danger of losing on the swings what you gain on the roundabouts/zebra crossings/traffic lights.


Edward Collier    40:52:00
Miranda Foster    47:50:00
Norm Lever    51:04:00
Thomas Hawes    57:43:00
Claire Hawes    57:58:00
Christine Long    01:07:52

Distance: 10K
Reviewer: Ed Collier
Venue: Moreton-in-Marsh