Boston Marathon

Date: Apr 16, 2012 10:00:00

Boston 2012After the hard work and then the elation of qualifying for the Boston Marathon, it was then a shock on arriving in Boston to be told that Monday (marathon day) was going to be the hottest on record!

The organisers were advising people to defer and that only the fittest should attempt it and that the heat could result in death! etc etc

Myself and Alison decided to stay together and look after each other and to just enjoy it, the main purpose being to complete it.

On the day, the temperature reached 87 degrees and even at 7.30am it was in the 70's!

The result was we did stick together and although our times were over 5 hours we had a wonderful time, high fiving and being very American !

I was personally  very pleased to finish as it was the last of the big 5 marathons for me to complete (London, New York, Chicago, Berlin and now Boston).

Roll on the next marathon!

Distance: 26.2 miles
Reviewer: Julie Bridge
Venue: Boston USA