Poets Path Events

Date: Mar 24, 2018 09:00:00


The events are held over historic, undulating and scenic rural public footpaths with quite tough terrain including country lanes, tracks and muddy fields. They commemorate the fact that a number of famous poets settled around Dymock (thus 'The Dymock Poets') briefly just before World War I in 1914. 2014 was the 100th anniversary of both the start of the war and their presence in the area. The route covers a choice of either Poets Path I or Poet Path II for the 8 miles event and the Daffodil Way for the 10 miles event. It starts with Poets Path II for both the marathon and 16 miles events and adds another 8 miles of Poets Path I for the 16 miles event. The marathon takes in the 10 miles of the Daffodil Way to make up 18 miles and then finishes with Poet Path I to make up the marathon distance. Each path comes back to the event HQ at its end, which means the full Poets Path Potter covers a clover leaf type course. There is a 10 hour time limit to finish any of the events so walkers are also welcome. The events are self supporting and self navigating (maps with instructions will be provided at registration at the HQ and the route will be marked with tape) with no marshals or checkpoints other than the HQ at the end of each path/event, where water and refreshments will be available. All proceeds after costs will be shared equally between 3 charities. No acknowledgment of entry will be given unless an email is provided so that event instructions can be sent; otherwise detailed event instructions can be found on the downloadable entry form on the Ed & Phil website at www.getmarathonrunning.eu/ppp_entry_form_32.html and elsewhere. You must register on the day at the event HQ and entrants will be expected to have acquainted themselves with these instructions before the start. The total entry limit for all events is 100 and if this is reached in advance there will be no entries on the day. Please check beforehand if hoping to get an entry on the day.

Spot prizes
Goody bag
Prizes for first 3 men and women in main event only
Commemorative map

Venue facilities:
Onsite parking