Petzyl Night Trail Wales

Date: Oct 8, 2016 12:00:00

Hi AA crew


Some details from the weekend event that some of us took part in to celebrate Craig Bullingham’s birthday!


Official race report


The event was a 3 hour continuous run following a short (3km) but hilly (90m total elevation) route in Coed y Brenin. Run either as a solo or as a relay team of 3.

Added to the fairly challenging course was the fact that it was billed as a night race (6pm to 9pm) so head torches were essential!


Solo AA runners were myself, Craig Bullingham, Tom Parling and Nick Spice.

Teams were:

·        Team Abstinent – Matt Proome, Lepha McCartan and Catherine Mason

·        Team STD – The McGraths ... Sam, Tom and Dave

·        Team Nightjays – Jules Jameson, John Jameson and Jeanette Gullick


Fab event, great atmosphere ... can highly recommend it. Many pics already on FB from various AAs taking part.


My highlight was running with such strong AA solo runners and coming in as first Almost! Thought I would be sweeping really. Those hill sessions with Michael obviously paying off and building on endurance from earlier in the year.

I was 26th on chip although the lap count for the individuals within the teams isn’t necessarily correct as it seems to have included a lap for each time in the ‘mix area’ (I.e. holding pen!) ... so 23rd out of the solo runners completing 9 laps in 3hr 3mins ... 17.2 miles!

Also quickest lap of the solo AA runners, 17mins 27sec ... although two of the team runners went faster Matt Proome (16:44) and Dave McGrath (17:13). Lepha McCartan is clearly back on form as she was only just behind with 17:37.


Team Abstinent brought home the Almosts in the team event completing 10 laps in 3hrs 10mins. 36th team and 17th of the mixed teams.

The teams had a fairly different experience as they could make up their own strategy (alternate laps, hour each ... etc) and had the fun of the transition area where the baton (wrist-worn timing chip) had to be swapped over.


The support was fantastic. Lots of cheering from the partners (Amber, Gemma and Lawrence) as well as team runners waiting for their turn and obviously all the other supporters.


Anyway filtered results are below ...

There were 60 solo runners and 83 teams on the night.


Now ... what’s the next challenge?!


All the best