Horseshoe Relay (2 of 3)

Date: Jul 2, 2013 19:30:00

Fellow Running Club

I thought I’d drop you an email to make sure you knew about the new race series for 2013 being hosted by Emersons Green Running Club entitled “The Horseshoe Relays”. The first Horseshoe Relay took place on Tuesday 4th June and attracted 24 runners and feedback such as “Many thanks for putting this on in such a lovely running area. See you again soon! I'm hooked!” (Richard Nuell, Portishead Running Club) and “Fantastic run in the sun followed by a pint of cider and a packet of crisps. Can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday evening” (Hollie Thomas, Emersons Green Running Club).

The second race in the series is on Tuesday 2nd July and the third and final race is on Tuesday 6th August 2013.

Staged on a traffic free cycle path, each Horseshoe Relay is a three leg relay over a two mile course with runners classed as Fast, Medium or Slow and teams are made up of one of each of these; runners run their legs with their fellow Fast/Medium/Slow counter parts and therefore are competitive within their own legs and with teams carefully selected ahead of racing, anyone (in theory), irrespective of speed can win. The race starts and finishes outside the Horseshoe Pub at Siston Common, BS15 4PA. The entry fee is just £2.00 for affiliated runners and £4.00 for the unaffiliated runner. More details can be found on the Emersons Green Running Club website, and clicking on “Horseshoe Relays” tab.

I would be grateful if you would spread the word amongst your members either directly via email or on your website.

I am happy to answer any questions you or your members may have on the races.

Kind Regards

Neil Newman

Chair & Co-Race Organiser

Emersons Green Running Club

Distance: 3 x 2m
event url:
Venue: Emerson Green (north of Bristol)